Al Dobson Jr. - Rye Lane Volume II & III

A1:    Live At Makeover

A2:    Guyana Special

A3:    Xingu

A4:    Commerce

A5:    Overseas, Lebanese

A6:    Move It Up

A7:    Many Schools

B1:    Sweet Critics Pt.2

B2:    Vibrations

B3:    What It Is — Shake Down

B4:    Malfuf — Nebetia

B5:    In The World

B6:    Love Talk

C1:    Church Cafe (Intro)

C2:    Drum Sounds Pt.4 — Africana Salon

C3:    After Carnival

C4:    Step Off

C5:    It’s You

C6:    Guadeloupe Meditaa´ao

C7:    Yellow Peppers

C8:    Bey Line

D1:    Peru Timing Pt.2

D2:    Time Is Now

D3:    Tracy 36 27 36

D4:    In The Lobby

D5:    What It Is Pt.2

D6:    White Rum

D7:    Mercy

Артикул: RS010


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