Alex Attias - LillyGood Party! Vol. 2 (A Selection Of Really Really Good Grooves) (2×12″)

A1:    Stacy Kidd — How Bad I Want Ya (Feat Peven Everett — Gu Peak True Time Mix)

B1:    The Elements Of Life — Children Of The World (Feat Josh Milan — Ben Brophy Edit)

C1:    David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters — Gwotet (Feat Pharoah Sanders — Alex Attias Edit)

C2:    Mausiki Scales — Freedom Flight

D1:    Universal Tongues — Open Up Your Mind (Feat Elle — Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

D2:    Mj Lallo — Star Child Going Home

Артикул: BBE581CLP


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