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Floating Points - LateNightTales

a1 Sarah Davachi — Untitled, Live In Portland (Excerpt)

a2 Carlos Walker — Via Láctea

a3 The Rationals — Glowin’

a4 William S. Fischer — Chains

b1 Max Roach — Equipoise

b2 Abu Talib (Bobby Wright) — Blood Of An American

b3 Sweet And Innocent — Express Your Love

b4 Robert Vanderbilt And The Foundations Of Soul — A Message Especially From God

c1 The Defaulters — Gentle Man

c2 Alain Bellaïche — Sun Blues

c3 Alain Bellaïche — Sea Fluorescent

c4 Kara-Lis Coverdale — Moments In Love (Excerpt)

d1 Azimuth — The Tunnel

d2 Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith — Milk (Excerpt)

d3 Toshimaru Nakamura — NImb#59

d4 Floating Points — The Sweet Time Suite. Part 1 — Opening

d5 Lauren Laverne — Ah! Why. Because The Dazzling Sun

Артикул: ALNLP52


Нет в наличии