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J Dilla - Donuts

a1 Donuts (Outro)

a2 Workinonit

a3 Waves

a4 Light My Fire

a5 The New

a6 Stop

a7 People

a8 The Diffrence

b1 Mash

b2 Time: The Donut Of The Heart

b3 Glazed

b4 Airworks

b5 Lightworks

b6 Stepson Of The Clapper

b7 The Twister (Huh, What)

c1 One Eleven

c2 Two Can Win

c3 Dont Cry

c4 Anti-American Graffiti

c5 Geek Down

c6 Thunder

c7 Gobstopper

d1 One For Ghost

d2 Dilla Says Go

d3 Walkinonit

d4 The Factory

d5 U-Love

d6 Hi.

d7 Bye.

d8 Last Donut Of The Night

d9 Donuts (Outro)

Артикул: STH2126D


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