Liv.e - Couldn’t Wait To Tell You…

1:    What’S The Real

2:    How It Made Me Feel

3:    These Pipedreams

4:    Stories With Aunt Liv

5:    Lessons From My Mistakes…but I Lost Your Number

6:    About Love At 21

7:    She’S My Brand New Crush

8:    To Unplug

9:    Cut To The Chase

10:    Moving On Felt Great And This Feels (Good) Too

11:    It’Ll Be Okay (Hymnal5)

12:    I Been Livin

13:    How She Stay Conflicted…i Hope He Understands

14:    You The One Fish In The Sea

15:    Sir Lady Makem Fall

16:    These Past Years…told By Lord Byron

17:    You’Re Wasted Let’S Go Home

18:    Watchu Need Reminded By Akeema Zane

19:    Lazy Eater Bets On Her Likeness

20:    Bout My Big Man Batter

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