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Summers Sons - Nostalgia

A1:    Nostalgia (Part 1)

A2:    Give Thanks (Feat C Tappin & Miles Bonny)

A3:    Sonics Over Everything

A4:    Out The Blue

A5:    Three Sixty (Feat C Tappin)

B1:    This N That (Feat Eerf Evil)

B2:    Nostalgia (Feat Keepvibesnear — Part 2)

B3:    Songbird

B4:    Say Less (Feat C Tappin)

B5:    Summers Sons

C1:    Rose Shades (Bonus Track)

C2:    Nostalgia (Part 1 — Remix — Bonus Track)

C3:    Three Sixty (Feat C Tappin — Remix — Bonus Track)

C4:    Sonday (Bonus Track)

C5:    That N This (Bonus Track)

C6:    The Blue (Bonus Track)

C7:    Nostalgia (Part 1 — Remix Beat Edit — Bonus Track)

C8:    Three Sixty (Remix Beat Edit — Bonus Track)

D1:    Nostalgia (Part 1 — Beat Edit)

D2:    Give Thanks (Beat Edit)

D3:    Sonics Over Everything (Beat Edit)

D4:    Out The Blue (Beat Edit)

D5:    Three Sixty (Beat Edit)

D6:    This N That (Beat Edit)

D7:    Nostalgia (Part 2 — Beat Edit)

D8:    Song Bird (Beat Edit)

D9:    Say Less (Beat Edit)

D10:    Summers Sons» (Beat Edit)

Артикул: MPM 305


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