Victor Vlasov - The Air Seller, 1967

A1:    Intro

A2:    Why

A3:    Untitled I

A4:    William Is Sailing A Boat

A5:    Klimenko Is Walking Along The Corridor

A6:    Untitled Ii

A7:    Nikola Is Killing The Guard

A8:    Nikola Is Sneaking

A9:    Climbing Up The Hill

A10:    Title Theme

B1:    Klimenko Is In The Bed

B2:    Nora And Klimenko Dance

B3:    Klimenko Is Escaping I

B4:    Untitled Iii

B5:    Nikola Is In The Boat

B6:    Klimenko Is Escaping Ii

B7:    Klimenko Is Exploring The Bayley’s Base

B8:    Untitled Iv

B9:    Klimenko Is In The Captivity Again

B10:    Attention! Prepare For The Experiment

B11:    Sensation! Tragedies!

Артикул: Shukai 1


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